Friday, July 9, 2010

PS3-D In September

Source: CrunchGear

It is no secret that Sony is making itself out to be the champion in all things 3D. They have some of the first 3D TVs on the market, 3D cameras, 3D video recorders and last but not least the PS3.

Over the coming few months you will start to notice a few PS3 updates for various 3D game demos, but come September the PS3 will have full 3D Blu-ray functionality. Not long after you can watch 3D Blu-rays expect to see other features compatible with their 3D cameras, and if you think you can do better than Shyamalan 3D home movies!

I am going to be honest, again (sigh), I am not an advocate for 3D movies in their current form but if I could make a 3D home movie about a family vacation to the Grand Canyon I might have to switch teams.

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