Friday, July 9, 2010

Rock & Rule Blu in September

Source: HighDef Disc News

1983's animated rock'n'roll music adventure is getting a Blu-ray release.

Rock & Rule is the post-apocalyptic classic tale of legendary evil rock star kidnapping a beautiful female singer in the hopes of utilizing her pipes to summon an ancient demon (Yeah, I know your mom told you the story before bed every night just like mine did.)But not the whole band is keen on awakening an ancient evil, and they set out on a mission to Nuke York in an attempt rescue the rock damsel in distress!

This all occurs, of course, with a killer soundtrack from such greats as Iggy Pop, Cheap Trick, Lou Reed and others. Essentially if you liked Heavy Metal, this might be right up your alley!

No official word on extras yet, but it would be safe to assume that you would at least get what came with the Rock & Rule 2-Disc Anniversary DVD release a few years back.

The 2-Disc DVD Included:

  • The Making of Rock & Rule
  • Commentary with Director Clive Smith
  • Character Sketch Gallery
  • Restoration Comparisons
  • Special Thanks
  • Alternate Version
  • The Devil and Daniel Mouse: Animated Short
  • How We Made The Devil and Daniel Mouse
  • Trailers and more!

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