Monday, April 12, 2010

And You Thought it was a Gimmick!


3-D may be seeping into the home theater market sooner than you thought! While there have been various attempts to bring the home viewer into the next dimension for years it is safe to say the powers that be didn’t back the format with full force. That has changed with Sony’s next generation of Bravia TVs.

Due out this summer the Sony Bravia 3-D TVs, combined with a special set of glasses equipped with lenses will flicker in synchronization with what is being seen on screen, promises an un-paralleled visual experience for home viewers.

This news may not come as a huge shock to you, but 3-D is a format that will be sticking around for awhile for better or worse. And Sony has placed itself on the forefront of implementing new technology to support new formats such as Blu-Ray and even though the home 3-D push may be gamble Sony CEO Howard Stringer vows “I’m going to get 3-D right, one way or another, and then I can make life miserable for the competion.”

Nota Bene: Sony also promises to offer consumer grade 3-D cameras, just the extra punch my home movies need!

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