Monday, April 12, 2010

Seen that Scene?

Source: Wired Magazine, April 2010

It is alright, it happens to the best of us. You are sitting there and you start to think
of that scene from that movie and then it occurs – you draw a blank. Fear not, for
now there is help for all you would be Dirty Harrys and halftime pep-talkers in a
couple of curious little sites that specialize in knowing who said it, what they said and
what film it the words were immortalized in.

The first of these is, still currently in beta this site provides the invaluable service of covering your ass when your memory fails you. It features a clever search
engine that allows you to input the little information that you can recall about the scene in question, such as production dates, directors and actors along keywords and in return it sifts through its database of over 12,000 movie clips to find the one that will allow
you to move on with your life.

Feeling non-conformist, there’s a site for that! If you have a flair for independent or just dig public domain flicks is right up your hipster alley. This site features a more eclectic collection of fare, from late night classic Reefer Madness to Elf it has the dialog you crave.
It features a more simplistic search engine but very effective none the less. You can enter
events, titles, actor names and partial quotes and it will hunt through over 2,000 movies now cataloged and return with that quote, by that one dude in that film.

Nota Bene: I tried to fool the system by searching for popular misquotes, and both sites caught my mistakes and directed me to the correct movie any way ... impressive.

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