Monday, April 12, 2010

The Saga Begins:

So here is the deal. I like movies ... no I love movies, and just about everything about them. Film history is a hobby (read: addiction) of mine and I am constantly gobbling up what tidbits I can manage to get my hands on. While I find much enjoyment out of looking into cinemas rich past I also know that there is only one way for film to go, forward. To go forward in today's film industry invariably means to test and embrace new technologies, most will sink, some will float and others will soar but one thing is for certain film is ever evolving.

My hope, my mission, with this blog is scour the web and bring to you the cream of the crop and inform you on what is just on the horizon. It may be eclectic at times, I will not discriminate between different film mediums. I will discuss everything from movies, tv, home theaters, Blu-rays, 3-D ... and just about whatever else I am compelled to tell you.

I hope for a long and successful journey, and I would be honored if you decided to join me.

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