Monday, April 12, 2010

World Cup in the Third Dimension?!

Source: PR Newswire

Didn’t get tickets to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa? Well that sucks. Thankfully FIFA has teamed up with Sony to make you feel less left out and more like you are right there in Soccer City, Johannesburg when ball meets foot. That’s right, this summer an unprecedented global 3-D event will be going down, and if you get your hands on the right technology you can participate.

The plan is to film over 25 of the games in 3-D and create a feed to be broadcast on special 3-D channels. According to FIFA TV they already have found a partner in the US with ESPN and in Spain, Sogecable and they expect more networks to follow. A live feed is also in the works, with the possibility of public theater screenings for select matches.

If you have a 3-D capable TV by the time this summer roles around (and who won’t!) you should have the opportunity to partake what Hiroko Saito of Sony proclaims as a “entirely new viewing experience”. Don’t plan on having a 3-D TV in time for the World Cup? You will still have the chance to visit one of the over 4,000 Sony stores worldwide in which Sony, tenaciously on the forefront of 3-D technology, will use this as a promotional tool for their new 3-D Bravia TVs.

In case you thought that was all, Sony has also has revealed that they will be releasing an official 3-D FIFA Blu-ray later this year. For more information and a preliminary schedule of what games will be in 3-D visit PR Newswire.

Nota Bene: Personally, I just can't wait to experience a real soccer riot without the messy side-effects like being trampled to death.

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