Monday, April 12, 2010

Sharp Backs 3-D Format


It seems that everybody has been sipping the 3-D Kool-Aid, and Sharp is no exception. They have just announced that they are developing a new TV for their AQUOS series touted as the “Worlds First Four-Primary-Color 3-D LCD TV” which promises increased picture quality and is supposedly 80% brighter than anything else currently on the market. 80% brighter? I guess the 3-D glasses are both for your viewing pleasure and retina protection.

What does all of this mean for you? Unless you are living in the Land of the Rising Sun not a whole lot, as the initial release this summer will be Japanese exclusive. But what happens in Japan has a knack for infiltrating into the rest of the world and Sharp predicts that by 2012 (barring the Apocalypse) over ten million 3-D TV sets worldwide and their goal is to be a large part of that.

Nota Bene: If you can tell me what is supposed to be on that 3-D TV screen I will be impressed. My money is on a Lady Gaga music video.

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